Sinatra Society AGM Concert

'Gary Williams' tour de force (no less) was a revelation. His dress was immaculate, his manner, confidence personified, his style, approach to and treatment of his audience, impeccable. His mastery of the stage, his gestures, his supreme confidence in his approach to the work in hand could not be faulted. Every song he sang was word and note perfect and confirmed the belief of many in his audience, now surely his "fans", that he is the best young singer of the Sinatra era of melodies in the country, if not the world, to be heard and seen for many years.

His interpretation of songs such as "One More For The Road" a Mercer/Arlen classic and the contrasting "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown" had to be heard and seen to be believed. Not that Gary even tried to imitate Frank Sinatra, no 'sound alike' he, but his presentation of all of these well-loved classics was performed with a panache which would have pleased "The Guv'nor" himself.''

Sinatra Music Society Annual Concert

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