Review of ‘Alone Together’ or Perfectly Frank Magazine

This CD stands out as the best overall performance to date, of the talents of the best British performer of romantic standards exhibiting a range of talents that improves with every production. No apology is necessary for Gary’s following in the footsteps of other greats of the genre. There is no attempt to imitate the talents of the “greats” because this is a stand-alone performance by a singer at the height of his powers as far as the romantic ballads are concerned. The roll call of composers and lyricists could not be bettered and the CD could well have been entitled “The Best of the Great American Songbook”.

Accompanied by the John Wilson orchestra, surely currently the musicians who can play to the strengths of the best voices available today. Always in sympathy with the singer and the mood of the song, the John Wilson orchestra captures completely the subtle overtones of the music and lyrics of the best writers there ever were. From Carmichael and Mercer to the words and music master, Porter, the selections of numbers deserves and demands the best performances from singers and musicians. Some years ago now this reviewer described Gary’s live appearance at the S.M.S. Birmingham Branch as “this 27 year old master inspired an almost 100% standing ovation”. This now 34-year-old inspires the same sentiments.

Perfectly Frank

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