Sinatra's Magic is Captured by Gary

OI' Blue Eyes at Symphony Hall, Birmingham For millions of fans across the world the magic of Frank Sinatra lives on, eight years after the death of the showbiz legend. As Bing Crosby once famously said: “A voice like Frank's comes once in a lifetime. Why did it have to be my lifetime?”

Singer Gary Williams is one of the best interpreters of the style of 01' Blue Eyes and, with the lush orchestral backing of the CBSO last night, he created a very special concert.

Much of the credit for the overall success of the show must go to arranger John Wilson, who conducted last night's performance after painstakingly recreating many of the original Nelson Riddle scores from the classic Sinatra recordings.

From a technique point of view, Williams has a more flexible voice than Sinatra's - and a much more accurate sense of pitch - but no-one is ever likely to capture the texture of the singing legend's voice, nor his unsurpassed sense of swing. Williams offered very fine versions of classics including Come Fly With Me, My Kinda Town and My Way.

Credit must particularly go to drummer Matt Skelton, who drove the hard-swinging numbers with dynamic force. Review by John Watson - Wolverhampton Express and Star

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