Hollywood Rhapsody with John Wilson conducting the Lahti Sinfonia

In the Sinatra programme two years ago there was swing music, but this time we heard familiar tunes from Hollywood productions. When there wasn't the passionate swing pulse, Williams got more time for his pleasant and lyrical voice. For example 'The Heather On The Hill' and 'I Love You Samantha' purred now with style. Williams mastered also the other repertoire well. The true primus motor of these Brits' entertainment concerts is conductor John Wilson, who, by listening to recordings has written down an enormous amount of orchestral arrangements of entertainment music. Wilson's hearing is amazingly acute, and also his arranging skills deserve recognition. All the orchestral music heard on Friday was bathed in glamorous Hollywood colours - exactly how we have used to hear them in films."

Markus Luukkonen for Etelä-Suomen Sanomat, Finland

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