Diving with Manta Rays in Hawaii

Have you seen Gary's YouTube page yet? We've just added a new video clip of Gary diving with Manta Rays in Hawaii last year while working for Princess Cruises. Click here to have a look, it's less than 2 minutes long.

The wing span of the near-shore Pacific Manta Ray averages 5 to 8 feet but can reach well over 14! They have no real teeth, no stinger, and a harmless disposition. 

These huge and gentle creatures feed on a food source of almost microscopic organisms called plankton, so Mantas must work very hard to get enough of this tiny food. On this night dive you’ll see Gary and the other divers holding torches to attract brine shrimp, a form of plankton that ray feed on. Using their cephalic fins like big scoops, they funnel water into their wide-open mouths and filter out these organisms. It was an awesome experience.