My gym workout

When you travel on cruise ships a lot, as anyone will tell you, you put on weight. The shear quantity and availability of food on ships is a running joke. Everyday is like Christmas day and you can eat non-stop, for free, if that's what you want to do. And yes, that is what I like to do... I had been getting away with it for years, but eventually by ageing metabolism could take no more and decided to slow down the processing of daily bingeing - one large cooked breakfast, elevenses, large cooked lunch with desert, afternoon tea and cakes, dinner and supper - and the weight started to creep up.

Of course, ships usually have great gyms too, which are just as easy to get to as the buffet, so I decided to make the choice and go there at least a few times a week so at least I could feel a little less guilty eating the way I do.

In the Norwegian fjords

A gym instructor in the Crystal Serenity devised an alternating 2 days workout for me and I have been doing it most days since then. I shared it with a few people including a violinist friend of mine Christopher Watkins who claims it helped him loose loads of weight and now swears by it. So, I thought I would post it up here so you can download it as a PDF. This is my little typed version I print off and fold up pocket size for the gym. I hope it proves useful!

Next time you're on a ship remember the Collins' Dictionary definition of chocolate eclair: "A cake - long in length, short in duration."