Review: Hector Is Magic

I once overheard a guest on a ship tell their partner, "I'm not going to the show, I don't like magicians". I wondered if they made similar generalisations on other things such as: "I don't like food" or "I don't like people". Maybe they had the old stereotypical magician in mind: an ageing man with too much hair product producing rabbits from a fraying hat. In that case, five minutes watching Hector Is Magic would change their mind. I saw him on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas and loved every minute.

A true family show

Hector is energetic, handsome and crucially, modern. Though young (he looks late 20s), he's been working big stages long enough to have crafted a strong, engaging set. There's lots of audience participation including a wonderfully crafted bit with a kid on stage, who of course has the audience all gooey in no time. This is the perfect family show with great music and clever humour pitched for adults as well as kids.

One highlight was an original bit where Hector turned bubbles he'd just blown into solid spheres. It's great to watch a show as an adult and still be amazed.

It's a strong 50 minute set and though it might benefit from a little trimming, there is a lot of light and shade. Familiar illusions feel fresh and engaging with Hector's energy and charm. One highlight was the shadow puppets - so good that I though it was produced by a projector, not Hector's own hands.

Multi-lingual international appeal

A native of Seville, Hector effortlessly weaves between Spanish, English and where necessary Portuguese.

He makes great use of stage lighting, (credit to the techs), his assistant and a simple stage set. The tracks he uses to accompany his illusions are fresh and help dictate the right mood.

Hector is Magic is a delightful act. It has wide international appeal and is great for families. Highly recommended.