Gary Williams Celebrates 1968


Gary Williams Celebrates 1968 has just gone on sale in London and in my old home town of Cleethorpes. The dates:

Crazy Coqs, London: 23, 24, 26 May. Click here for tickets.
Parkway, Cleethorpes: 23rd September. Click here for tickets.

1968 Square with no venue.jpg

I am so excited about this show. 1968 was a remarkable year for music. It was the year of Andy Williams, Frankie Valli, Burt Bacharach, Georgie Fame and Sergio Mendes. Led Zeppelin made their first live performance, The Beatles released the White album, Elvis made his Comeback Special and Frank Sinatra recorded My Way.

While the Vietnam war raged and the Civil Rights movement found its feet, the world's greatest music was being made. I'll be singing songs from all these great artistes and original songs from my next album.