Symphonic Nat 'King' Cole in Ireland

Last Friday night saw me at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. I’ve worked there many times with their Concert Orchestra but this was my first time with their Symphony. What’s the difference? Not much, as it happens. Symphony Orchestras tend to specialise in the weighty classical works where you’d be more likely to see the CO tackling a movie score or what they like to call light music.

It’s always a wonderful opportunity to sing with an orchestra but Ireland makes it fun. The conductor was fellow Grimbarian Anthony Weedon. Even though we’re from the same town, this is only the second time we’ve worked together. We were actually paired up by the CBSO last year for a Christmas concert. He’s terrific: considerate, prepared and precise. So we had three happy days together rehearsing and presenting the music of Nat ‘King’ Cole.