An easier way to switch off


If you were looking to escape the stress of daily life 700 years ago you might have considered becoming an anchorite. This meant being sealed permanently into a tiny cell while a priest administered the last rites before leaving you to a life of prayer and meditation. There was no going back if you changed your mind, though you would get a little window where your servant would pass food and water and take away your waste (you wouldn’t want to fall out with that guy). As terrifying as this might sound to us, there was actually a waiting list. 

These days, if you want to clear your head and get away from it all, you don’t need to go to such extremes. You could start by signing-off Facebook for example, taking a brisk walk or trying some meditation on your favourite beanbag. Better still, you could enjoy the restorative power of music and come see me paying tribute to Nat ‘King’ Cole. I’m celebrating 100 years of the great man with three shows in the next few weeks:

9 February, Boisdale, London (with Sinatra Jukebox)
22 March, CBSO, Symphony Hall, Birmingham 
24 March, Ronnie Scott’s, London SOLD OUT

What could be more relaxing than listening to Unforgettable, Mona Lisa and When I Fall In Love? And I guarantee you’ll have more room than a medieval anchorite’s cell. Click a link and come along if you can.