Churchill’s velvet onsie

Churchill’s velvet onesie, currently displayed in the Churchill museum.

Churchill’s velvet onesie, currently displayed in the Churchill museum.

Last week as Boris Johnson was rousing our fighting spirit to take on those pesky Eurocrats, I visited the Churchill War Rooms, a stone’s throw from the PM’s new home. As basements go, it’s a fascinating insight into how the war was won plus you get to see Churchill’s tailored velvet onesie. His family called it his romper but whatever you call it, the man knew how to relax and I’m a convert. The great man sometimes wore it for even the most formal of occasions including a visit to the White House, in December 1941. At a press conference that week, Mrs Roosevelt declared she was having one made for her husband. Churchill is credited with loads of great quips. My favourite was in November 1958, when Ian Harvey, a junior foreign office minister, married with two daughters, was discovered with a guardsman in the bushes of St James’s Park. The incident ended his political career. On being told the news, Churchill remarked: “On the coldest night of the year? It makes you proud to be British".

On Thursday I spent the day with my producer, Chris Traves, adding the finishing touches to my Legends album. This is the one with all my biggest crowd pleasing songs. Since I decided to cut My Way from my act, its replacement also needs to go on the album. So I’m back with the band in September to record that, and lots of more. In the meantime I’ve found a couple of old recordings for you which have never been released. One is from 1995, some of my first studio work, and the other is of Alec Wilder songs. I’ll be releasing those straight to digital in the next few months.

I spent the weekend up north to see the family, then it was back to London to pack for my last cruise for a while. I’ll be sailing to St Petersburg and from there I’ll be in Tenerife for a few weeks off. When I say “off” I mean I’ll be learning Christmas songs ready for December. I enjoy the winter season, even when it starts in August. I love mince-pies, turkey sandwiches, and the thought of spending it in my new velvet onesie is the icing on the Christmas cake. 

This week’s Legends of Las Vegas ‘listen again’ features the life and music of Stevie Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. It’s available from wherever you normally get your podcasts or click here to listen now.