Go to the movies this week

Maybe it’s coincidence that the Oscars are just around the corner, but this this is a great time to go to the movies. In the last few days I’ve seen Slumdog Millionaire (which put me off ever wanting to visit Mumbai), Rachel Getting Married (which put me off ever having a family), and Milk (which put me off ever becoming a right wing, American fundamentalist bigot).What all of these films (including the next on my list, Frost/Nixon) have in common is their realism. It’s so easy to connect with each of them that like the best kind of entertainment they leave us with more than when we started. In a world where vacuous mass appeal has the upper hand, we’re lucky that great films like these are being made at all. It’s strange that in these tricky economic times, when we’re told most of us want to escape reality, that we have a surfeit of films prodding us in to self examination. Maybe that’s the attraction - being reminded that whatever our place in life - Indian street kid, recovering addict or pioneering politician - we’re all the same.