My favourite websites

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite sites with you: Say No To 0870 Like many of us I use Talk Talk for making my calls from home. All calls to normal landlines are free of charge. The trouble is that many companies only advertise 0845 or 0870 numbers, which are not free. In fact 0870 numbers are charged a premium, meaning the longer you're on hold, the more money they are making off you. That's where this site comes in. Simply enter the 08XX number they give you and it will offer you a standard line as an alternative. The companies using these numbers have tried to have this site shut down, which sounds like a good sign to me. A great, fun and oh so cheap way to design and print terrific business cards online. Give them a try.

Log Me In This is an amazing site. By downloading a small bit of free software, you can hook up to any PC anywhere in the world and take control of it, just as though you were sitting right there in front of it. So, I can be in my hotel room in China (for example) and need to get a bit of information from the computer in my office in London. I just go to this site, log in, click on the link for my London computer and bingo - I can see it's screen right there on my desktop, open and use whatever programs I want... exactly as though I were sitting right there in London. It sounds too good to be true, but it's for real and it works a treat. And it's FREE!

Big Stock Photo We get a lot of promotional print done here and from time to time we need quality photographs to enhance a design. There was a time I paid fortunes for royalty photos, and then I discovered Big Stock Photo. 1000s of quality images and great value for money.

Google Maps Like most things Google does, this site is clean, simple and super fast. I use it all the time for directions and to see how far my next journey is going to take me.

That's it. If you've found a gem - leave a comment and me know!