Skydiving in Auckland

Taking a dump at 3 o’clock in the morning, feeling nauseous over dinner, and watching the sunrise. Just three of the joys of jet-leg, my new expert subject. Still, every cloud... and at least having jet-leg means you’ve been somewhere, and the worse the jet-leg the further you’ve been.

I am two cruises in to this 14 week run away from home, and so far it’s been pretty good. The Queen Mary 2 look me from Chile to Mexico via Peru. I didn’t experience much in Peru - a few city sights and a local fish dish called “ceviche de pescado” which is not cooked, just marinaded in lemon juice. A tasty way to get food poisoning. From Mexico I joined the Crystal Serenity in Fiji. Had a great day there once we’d found a series of beautiful fresh water pools and waterfalls in the forest, complete the rope swing (see pic). The Bay of Islands (New Zealand) was great for para-gliding and a dip in the sea, and a group of us went sky-diving in Auckland. You can check out the YouTube video of that here

Fresh water pool in Fiji

Para-gliding in New Zealand

Skydiving in Auckland

Right now I have a couple of days off in Sydney (such a photogenic harbour) before joining the Queen Victoria for 10 days. More later...