Sharks, seals and lions in South Africa

If spending a week in the company of sharks, seals and lions does it for you, come to South Africa! I’ve just had a few days here before I join the Tahitian Princess in Egypt, so on day one took a short drive from Cape Town to Gansbaai, then a dive boat to ‘Shark Alley’, the open stretch of water between the mainland and Dyer Island often referred to as the White Shark Diving capital of the world.


Our Great White going for the bait

The wonderful thing about shark diving here is that it’s so close to land, only 20 minutes out. Once anchored they attract the sharks with chum and bait, then you get in a cage on the side of the boat (the water’s freezing) and watch them go right by. Click here to watch a 60 second video clip in YouTube. On the way back I shared the van with a little penguin they had to take back to Cape Town, bless it.




My travel companion back to Cape Town

The next day I did a SCUBA dive from the little naval hot spot of Simonstown with dozens of playful seals at the imaginatively named Seal Island. Again, freezing water, but an awesome experience to see these playful and inquisitive creatures in their natural environment. They came right up to my  face to stare in to my eyes for a few seconds before nipping at my wet suit and swimming off. I rounded the day off with super views from the obligatory revolving cable car up Table Mountain.

Table Mountain

The cubs at the lion park


Before flying to Egypt I had a day in Johannesburg to visit a lion park to pet the cubs and feed the giraffes (lovely) and the ostrich (nasty). Now it’s time to get thinking about music again for the next run of cruises... “oh the shark has, pretty teeth dear...”

Feeding the giraffes