A school day in Cochin

I am sick of hearing about how well educated the Indians are and how they are taking over the world with their hard work and acumen. I thought I would find out if it were really true myself by visiting a couple of local schools. Apart from the fun of being made to feel like a visiting diplomat, meeting kids and teachers in schools is humbling and overwhelmingly gratifying. There had been a misunderstanding when I visited the first school - they thought I was there to take a class and I only realised this as the teacher introduced me to them “This is Gary Williams from England who is here to teach you for half an hour”. Ok then. It all went very well till at the end they asked me to sing. All I could think of was Moon River and after 12 bars they were all in fits of laughter. Humiliating. I didn’t bother selling CDs.



Next was St Joseph's for kids from three and a half to nine. So cute in their little uniforms. I visited four different classes where they all asked me “what’s your name?” and “how are you?”. I gave a small donation to the headmistress who said she had been praying to God for the funds to buy a CD player so they could teach the children singing and dancing. She was very happy. And so was I.