For anything you want Dubai

If you like buying stuff you’ll enjoy Dubai. After you’ve dragged yourself through the enormous Emirates Mall, complete with ski slopes and winter playground, you could try the new equally mammoth Dubai Mall with it’s ice rink, waterfalls and Belagio style musical fountains. There is without doubt lots of shopping to be done in Dubai and many fabulous hotels in which to recuperate in between jaunts.Beyond the shopping, there are restaurants, a bit of golf and that’s about it, especially if you enjoy culture and history (there’s “the Creek” and that’s about it). Dune Busting in Dubai

Belly Dancer for an evening's entertainment

Think of Dubai as a giant, fabulous airport shopping complex. If you’re flying through and want to break up your journey and stretch your legs, it’s great. Is it a worthy destination in its own right? No. If you want superficial indulgence and sun, go to go Vegas, or Orlando.

Starbucks in Arabic

Have you been there and found more to do? I am wrong about Dubai? Comment below.