Ice Cream Cravings and Movie Palaces

It’s 1 o’clock in the morning and instead of going to bed I’ve just opened another tub of Haagen Daz Dulce de Leche ice-cream. My third this week.  Welcome to my twilight world, where I veer from feelings of self-loathing to complete bliss with every scoop. Naturally, I blame my mother for my constant sugar cravings. Struggling to balance the appetite of four kids on the salary of a factory worker, anything in the cupboards worth eating was strictly rationed. I spent hours devising complex deceptions to satisfy my daily fix of the much-coveted Custard Creams. Frosties, Tizer, and malt loaf were rarely glimpsed and the mere suggestion of Cadbury's Finger would make my head sweat. This was a time when the very height of sophisticated Sunday dining was a Wall’s Viennetta drenched in cream that you squirted from a can.

Old habits die hard, and now there’s no one there to stop me. Like the Gordon Brown’s “boom and bust”, I keep stuffing my face until my waistband can take no more, then I hit the gym. Where it not for the cross trainer I’d be the size of a house. A four bedroom detached. Of course the most depressing thing about the cross trainer is you go like mad for 60 minutes to be told you’ve lost the calorific value of half a Mars Bar.

Since moving to Berkhamsted we've discovered the perfectly restored Rex Cinema, a magnificently resorted 1930’s Movie Palace, which just screened Michael Moore's 'Capitalism - A Love Story'. Despite Moore's usual imbalanced high-jinx it’s a powerful, unsettling film. We also caught the charming French film 'Mid August Holiday', with only one real actor in a cast that included four octogenarian ladies it’s refreshingly real and great fun.

The week ended on a high with “A Night of 1000 Voices” at the Royal Albert Hall. Kerry Ellis was a highlight but we were especially proud of our mate Ricardo Alfonso (with a but of help from Brian May) who closed the show with We Are the Champions. Just incredible.

I see Nigel Kennedy is doing a Polish Weekend at the Southbank this month. Why anyone would pay £40 to watch the bearded wonder do some light dusting is anyone's guess.