Barton Upon Humber, making David Cameron Proud

As David Cameron’s plans for a Big Society are floundering, a small group of dedicated citizens are showing the way forward in Barton Upon Humber. The Prime Minister would be pleased to find the RNLI’s Barton branch is still working hard after over 40 years. He’d probably be startled to learn that this small community group has raised a total of £136, 772… and counting.

I’ve been proud (and humbled) to call myself President of the Barton branch for well over 10 years. It never ceases to amaze me what wonderful things a few hard working people can achieve.

If you’re in the Barton area on the second Saturday of each month (Farmer’s Market day) you may well find Ros, Ray, Janet, Jane, Margaret, Norma and others at their bookstall on Cottage Lane. Go and say “hello”. You’ll find some bargain books and give a welcome boost to the charity’s coffers. If you have any used books or CDs to get rid of, bring them along too.

If you’d rather enjoy a pint in your local, look out for the RNLI collection boxes. Behind every one of those plastic boxes is a grateful team of helpers. Our treasurer, Don, calls in to all the best pubs, emptying the boxes every month. I can promised you that every penny is appreciated.

You might also find one of our team knocking at your door to collect the fundraising envelopes. It can be a thankless task: pounding the streets for hours, but the contributions make it worth the effort.

More help is always appreciated and if you could spare the time or would like further details on how you could help, contact Ros Cash on 01652 634243. You may help towards saving a life at sea.

Thank you for any help you have given the charity over the years. Whether it’s your loose change, used books or a friendly smile – I can promise you it’s very much appreciated. David Cameron would be happy to know that his Big Society is alive and well in Lincolnshire.