If a hairy man appears in the street, it's your fault

If French is the language of love, Portuguese is the language of love songs... and I can prove it. My friend Milla recently shared a beautiful old Brazilian song with me called Detalhes (Details). It's all about the many little inconsequential details the singer notices about their beloved. She told me she played it for her father recently and how moved they both were.

Before you read on, thee video and have a listen yourself. I'm sure you'll agree, it's lovely.


The next day I'm in the gym, sweating like a pig on the treadmill, listening to this song. My Portuguese is rubbish so I don't understand most of the words, but the beautiful performance, the melody, and just knowing what the song is all about was too much. I got a big lump in my throat and soon tears, sweat and snot are pouring down my face. I was a mess.

I knew I had to learn it and maybe even record a version in English. That's when I discovered a translation online. Here's how one verse looks in English:

“...if another hairy man appears on your street, and if that makes you miss me, it's your fault...”

There are something's you're just better off not knowing.