How to make Facebook better

For a while now I've sort of been “over Facebook”. You might have noticed I've been posting less crap on here than I used to. I'm bored of looking at people's food and reading how “Amazing my gig was,” and how “Wonderful my boyfriend is,” and how “My seat in first class is so comfortable,” and so on. I've been as guilty as anyone. My friends would tell me they hated seeing pics of me on this beach or that glacier while they're working their balls off in a sweaty office. So I was very happy to find this uniquely modern annoyance articulated and explained on a site called Wait But Why. They call it Facebook Image Crafting and show precisely why it pisses us all off.

According to them, a Facebook status is annoying if it, “primarily serves the author and does nothing positive for anyone reading it”. Instead posts should be interesting/informative or funny/amusing/entertaining.

Comedian Allan Stewart told me much the same when we chatted about this a few months back.

I have thought about removing my Facebook account but there are still things I like about it. It's the only way I have of keeping in touch with many cool people I've met and worked with once or twice and would like to see again and I do like to see what my friends are up to. The fan page is a good way of telling anyone interested in my singing career what's going on, though I do try not to use it as a “aren't I wonderful”.

So to try and make Facebook a less tedious place let's all try make our posts interesting, informative, funny, amusing, entertaining or very occasionally whiney (like this one).

You can read the full page here.