Amazon lockers and the end of the recording industry

What have the recording industry, the Royal Mail and black cabs got in common? They're all history.

I've just used Amazon Locker for the first time. They sent me an email telling me my item was waiting at the drop off point I chose, I went and scanned a barcode, a locker door popped open and I took my parcel. Done. 

The Royal Mail on the other hand always try to deliver parcels in the afternoon (even though I'm never in) then make me walk 40 mins to collect it from a place they choose at a time to suit them. They're closed evenings and Sundays.

Even with the it's advantage of a huge, loyal customer base and established infrastructure the Royal Mail has failed to adapt and it's dying. 

Upstarts are taking over and disrupting the comfy old way of doing things. The recording industry was the same in the face of MP3s. Taxis before Uber. Why can't the old boys ever see what's happening and get ahead of game? What are they doing for their big fat bonuses? Buying stuff on Amazon, probably.