The Best Piece of Travel Advice. Ever.

If you are lucky enough to get plenty of work, the chances are you’ll be flying a lot. Here’s a piece of advice that’s guaranteed to help you loose weight, improve your sex life and make you look ten years younger. Do this, and I promise you'll have more time to what you love most: listening to my new Nat "King" Cole CD, which is, incidentally, available to download on iTunes right now. Only travel with hand luggage and never check a bag.

I know it’s simple, but I can hardly think of another piece of advice with such huge benefits.

Save time Check in online with no bags and you can turn up at the airport thirty to ninety minutes before your flight. When you get to the airport you skip the lines at check-in and head straight for security. Better still, when you get off your flight you save another twenty minutes by avoiding the wait at the carousel.

In ‘Up In The Air’, George Clooney tells his protege that most people spend around thirty-five minutes waiting at check-in lines, which given how often he flies, adds up to one whole week a year. That’s time worth having.

No lost luggage Trusting an airline not to loose your luggage is like trusting a monkey not to eat a bag of complimentary peanuts.

Before I travelled ‘self-contained’ I reckon my bags went missing two or three times a year. As everything I needed to do my job was in those bags, I was pretty much screwed until we were reunited. That’s a challenge at the best of times, but when you’re sailing on a ship that’s in a different country everyday… well, good luck!

If you’re working on ships your contract probably requires you to perform even if your bags don’t show up. If they go missing, you could be sent home in breach of contract.

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