Cabaret Coaching with Marcus Reeves and “Between the Songs”


Marcus Reeves is the founder of cabaret coaching services Web Coach London and Between the Songs. In this quick interview recorded at last year's London Cabaret Convention we discuss his latest support initiative 'Between the Songs'.

As the name suggests, creating a show is very different from just singing a few songs. It's what happens between the songs that's important. Marcus is what used to be called an Act Doctor – a director who can provide an independent insight into your show. He's not a singing teacher, he guides you through every other aspect of performing: how to chat between songs (“context not content” he stresses), what to sing, how to market your show, finding a venue and so on.

It's good to know cabaret performers starting out are not alone! To hire Marcus' services is less expensive than you might think. He charges just £45 for a one hour session or £100 for three sessions booked at the same time. As a special offer, mention Cabaret Secrets and Marcus will give you an extra £10 off. Click here for more details.

Recorded 11th October 2014 in London.