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It’s your personal director. Every artiste needs to know where they can improve and what they should be working on. Having Cabaret Secrets on your ebook reader is the next best thing to taking your director with you, wherever you go.

Save years of hard work. We never stop learning but there are shortcuts. Cabaret Secrets gives you a fast track to success. I share everything I know so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

Save money. If I only knew these secrets when I first started out 20 years ago I would have saved £1000s on bad musical arrangements, £1000s on wasted publicity and £1000s recording CDs that sounded terrible. With Cabaret Secrets you can get it right first time.

Amazing advice from the best in the business. Learn from cabaret stars like Michael Feinstein, Steve Ross, Marta Sanders and Marlena Shaw. I asked them insider questions about how they decide which songs to sing, how they script their shows and the best lessons they’ve learned. Dozens of great pros were happy to share their secrets with me, so I could share them with you.

Practical advice you can use. Cabaret Secrets is packed with sensible, practical advice. As someone who’s been doing it for a long time, I know the hurdles and challenges a newcomer will face. I tell you what you need to know about writing a lighting cue sheet, making a PA specification and how to choose a recording studio. I even tell you what to pack for a gig on a cruise ship!

Quick Tips Videos


There are 15 Quick Tip videos with advice direct from the pages of Cabaret Secrets. Here’s video number 1, What Is The X-Factor? Click here to see the rest on YouTube.


“It’s a most tremendous achievement. This book is great for anybody who’s been in the business a long time or who is a newcomer. Everybody in cabaret should be read it” Michael Roulston – Musician, cabaret performer and producer

" invaluable guide to negotiating the minefield of creating a cabaret act and making a career and living from it." Mark Shenton, Playbill

“Your fabulous book will be my bible in the coming weeks as I get my act together and take it to the Hippodrome” Liz Robertson, West End star

"This is simply essential reading for upcoming and professional cabaret performers." Thanasis Kalantzis

“Williams’s attention to detail is all that you would expect from the author of Cabaret Secrets, a fascinating insider’s handbook on how to nurture an audience for the kind of classic songbook fare that struggles to make itself heard in a world obsessed with The X Factor.” Clive Davis, The Times

“Gary Williams’ book is a godsend for singers. It’s not only a bible for aspiring performers, but also helps pros focus in ways they might not have previously considered. It’s a must-read whether you sing jazz, pop, rock, opera or cabaret. His secrets are worth their weight in gold!” Harold Sanditen – Cabaret Artiste and host of the Crazy Coqs Open Mic

real readers on Amazon love Cabaret Secrets!

"A goldmine of working information" • "A great and much needed book" • "Brilliant advice, just at the right time for me" • "...a must for all musical performers" • "Wow! I wish I had this book 10 years ago." • "A great resource that I will keep on hand to refer back to again and again." • "I used, this book as a template for developing my own cabaret and approach, which led to my first professional cabaret."  • "Great practical advice for guest artist singers on cruise ships." • "Invaluable for anyone who wants to make it in the world of cabaret." • "...the perfect manual for anyone who wants to build a cabaret act from scratch or fix one that isn't quite working." • " entertaining and educational read." • "...this book is a must read." • "If you have ambitions to perform in this arena this is the book to have." • "Even if you are a seasoned performer, this book is a fantastic tool to help you craft your show from the initial idea to the complete package" • "An excellent, honest and informative book written by someone who knows exactly what they are doing... I couldn't put it down." • "The bible of truth and downright common sense, for anyone who's going down the singers-in-cabaret path. Worth its weight in gold, and that's even before you've re-read it a hundred times." • "Bought this book as a professional singer trying to make a move to ship cabarets, all I can say is that this has taught me so much and is worth every penny." • "Great book, clear concise advice on how a singer can make the transition from "background singer" to entertainer, showman & artist." • "Insightful, funny and charming, an amazing book and must read for ANYONE thinking of, currently or just interested in the business." • "...your piece on how to talk to the audience was amazing, unbelievably insightful!" • " should know that i have not read a book cover to cover once in my life... I read Cabaret Secrets in two nights!"

Read the full reviews on Amazon to see what real cabaret artistes say about Cabaret Secrets.


There are over 80 free Cabaret Secrets Podcasts covering everything from how to talk to an audience, creating a show, buying musical arrangements, finding an agent and more. To make it easier for you to find what you're looking for we've grouped a few Podcasts together on working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and working on cruise ships. You can listen to all 87 of them on iTunes or on YouTube now. Here are a few of our favourite interviews:




Years ago, when variety was in its heyday and pizza was a luxury food item, you may have stumbled across an Act Doctor. These doctors didn't wear white coats and stethoscopes but they were life-savers all the same. If a gag wasn't landing, the audience wasn't cheering and the agents weren't calling, who you gonna call? 

The Act Doctors died along with variety and the struggling cabaret artiste was left to fend for himself. Then Cabaret Secrets came along. Every you need to kick start your cabaret career in one easy to read book. 

And after the book, if you're still eager to learn more, there's the Cabaret Secrets Masterclass.  

The Cabaret Secrets Masterclass is a full day intensive session designed to introduce newcomers to the art of cabaret and take experienced performers to the next level. Classes are free and in central London. They are not run on a regular basis. When the next date is announced we'll advertise it on Facebook, so 'Like' the page or signup to the newsletter (bottom of this page) and keep your eyes open.

Applicants should have already read Cabaret Secrets and at least have their show and patter mapped out. We're looking for people who have got as far as they can on their own and need help getting their show to the next level. Most applicants are singers but since many of the principles are universal we're happy to accept jugglers, magicians etc.

"Cabaret, whether in a tiny room in the city or a huge theatre on a cruise ship, is a wonderful art form. It enriches the lives of 1000s but will always be a niche relying on a core of dedicated artistes and devotees for survival. For it to thrive, new talent needs to be nurtured and old hands need to be supported. Those of us who can, have a responsibility to give back and enrich this special community." Gary Williams

If you'd like to be considered for the next Masterclass, send us an email. Tell us where you are in your cabaret career now, what sort of experience and training (if any) you've had, and what part of your show you need to work on the most. We'll choose the successful applicants based on who we think will find the most benefit. We try to invite people with the same level of experience on each session, so newbies on one and more experienced artistes on another.

Cabaret Secrets Masterclass 2016

Cabaret Secrets Masterclass 2016

And yes, it is free. Why? Because the point of Cabaret Secrets is to help the cabaret community prosper. It's a forum for cabaret artistes to share ideas and support one another.

If you're unable to attend a Masterclass you can always post your question here - in the altruistic spirit of Cabaret Secrets we'll give you the answer (for free) and share it on this site so other artistes can also learn something new.

We do charge for one-on-one private consultancy. The price is £450 for one four hour session then £150 per hour. In most cases a four hour session with perhaps a one hour follow up is sufficient. Email for more information.

Cabaret students from the Guildford School of Acting

Cabaret students from the Guildford School of Acting

In 2019 I have the pleasure of mentoring eight students from the Guildford School of Acting in the art of cabaret. They have chosen their themes, the songs and what to say - I’ve just been around to offer a guiding hand and I'm hugely proud of them all.


“Gary’s workshop on cabaret helped me put the words and structure into my existing cabaret career. It brought a lot of clarity to what I am doing well already plus it gave me new ideas, new avenues to tweak and improvements to my existing work. Incredibly helpful and useful. A real confidence booster.” Debbie Bridge

"Some great aha moments - really had a breakthrough in my understanding of what Cabaret is and also how to create it. Can't recommend Gary's work enough" Stephen Morallee

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday's inspiring master class. It was a revelation especially with regard to the enormous amount of effort needed in honing the "patter" between songs. I feel like the blindfold has finally come off and that I can now tread more boldly, in the right direction! It was great to meet some wonderful, intrepid folks in the process. Many thanks again." Suzi Woods, vocalist

“Examining an actual cabaret template with Gary's explanation of the rationale behind tweaking the running order was particularly useful and the highlight of the day for me.” Helen Theophanos, vocalist

"This was a terrific forum-style sharing day, led by Gary who delivered a plethora of information, based on his extensive knowledge and experience in the profession. The 5 participants threw in questions, observations, concerns, and each issue was met with lively interest and relevant, empathetically turned responses. It was such a valuable day in a host of ways, and I felt privileged and lucky to be involved....not to mention a lot smarter at the close of the session. Thank you so much!" A Girl Called Fred, singer-songwriter, instrumentalist

"It was a pleasure and a privilege to attend Gary Williams' Cabaret Master Class. I've learned invaluable amounts of information in creating and performing my cabaret and with his help I am that extra step closer to achieving my goals!" Lewis Hutton, vocalist

"If you are aspiring to be a cabaret artist or looking to improve your show I recommend that you check out his book Cabaret Secrets. I started reading this after I had already been doing my show "Horn of Plenty" and it opened up my mind to things I didn't pay attention to before. Thank you Gary for this great book and for all your help!" Daniel Delgado, trumpet entertainer

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